MadKudu Integration

When your sales team is using Drift, making sure that they are talking to the most qualified leads is super important. Marking leads as s manually, or can help, but what if you could tell if a lead is qualified before you even talk to them? 

Now you can! With the MadKudu <> Drift integration, you can leverage the power of MadKudu to identify and prioritize your best leads. This integration will help you close deals faster, target upsell candidates, and retain customers who are the best users for your product.

How To Connect the MadKudu integration: 

Go to your integrations page in your Drift account

Make sure to enter your API key, which you can find in your MadKudu account

That's it! Once that integration is connected, you will see the MadKudu score of your leads coming onto your site in the same place you see your Clearbit reveal data. 

MadKudu will score your lead based on the scale of "Poor" to "Very Good" 

When a user enters their email, more information on the righthand sidebar will populate, which will explain the MadKudu lead scoring: 

These "reasons" will display based on availability. If we are able to find the reasoning for the Lead Scoring we will show them. Note that these reasons might not display for every single lead that comes onto your site. 

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