LeadBot Do's and Dont's

LeadBot's are our most talked about product, they can be super useful for replacing your forms (#noforms) and for funneling qualified leads to your sales team. 

There are some tips and tricks we wanted to share so that when you are building your bots on your own, after your Customer Success Manager has passed along the knowledge, you can make the most effective bot out there! 

Do: Use buttons. This can make the flows go along much easier, so that your site visitors dont have to think of responses on their own, you’ve already thought of it!

Don't: Use the bot like a form. Have you heard? We’re a little anti-form. 🙅🏽

Do: Make the flow conversational and fun

Don't: Have more than 5 questions. Think about the amount of questions you’d want to answer.

Do: Use emojis, be conversational! Bots are fun, aren’t they? (Here’s how!)

Don't: Use a human avatar (customers will know it’s not real!). This can also help set expectations on who will be answering the chat on your side.

Do: Be transparent that this is a bot (fail gracefully). People will know right off the bat they’re not talking to a human, own it.

Don't: Ask questions as a follow-up. That can confuse you when setting up your bot. Always create a new question in your flow.

Do: Set default responses if someone types a response that doesn’t match your Keywords or Buttons

Don't: Ask multiple questions in 1 question (ex email, name, phone number). You can use Information Capture questions to gather this information, and map it to your contacts as attributes!

Do: Use goals or Lead Stages to end each possible path

Do: Keep it simple (you can always adjust later!)

Need more Leadbot info? Check this doc out.

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