Using Keyword Groups in the Bot Builder


Bot allows you to easily direct site visitors through your questions by utilizing button responses and keyword groups. Within keywords there are the following options and capabilities:

  • Create playbook specific keyword groups
  • Saving keyword groups for all playbooks
  • Suggestions
  • Editing existing keyword groups

Within Bot playbooks you have the ability to edit, reuse, and create new keyword groups. These can all be managed within the Bot Builder by clicking on "Keyword response" on a question.

Once you open up the "Keyword response", you'll see the ability to either create a new group, or select one of your existing groups. It will always default to creating a new keyword group, but you don't need to save it if it's for one-time use.

Creating a One-Time Use Keyword Group

To have a keyword group you don't want to reuse, just type in all the keywords you want to have and then hit save.

Saving a New Keyword Group

To save a new keyword group, toggle on the button and name your keyword group. You'll be able to access this grouping in your existing keyword groups after this. 

Once a Keyword Group has been added to a question you will be able to see the groups in the question node. You will only see the first keyword and then the total remaining if the keyword group is unsaved. 

If a group is empty keywords, or is an unnamed saved keyword group it will be grayed out and italicized. Saved keyword groups will look normal. 

Keyword Suggestions

As your bot has conversations with customers, it will start to collect keyword suggestions. When the bot has enough data, a blue "View Suggestions" will appear below your keyword groups and Question.

When you open up "View Suggestions," you will see suggestions with the related comments or questions from your customers. You can then add the suggestion to one of your existing keyword groups or create a new one.

Adding Keywords to Existing Groups

There are two ways to add keywords to existing groups. The first way would be to open up one of your keyword responses that already have a named group. You can add a new keyword directly to it, and when you hit "Save" you will be prompted with the below modal:

You'll be given the ability to update this across the board for any responses in your playbooks that use this keyword group, create a completely new group, or use this specific group just one time.

Additionally, you can edit an existing keyword group by adding a new keyword response in your question and going to the "Select Existing" tab. Once you add another keyword to the group, you will be prompted with the same modal that will ask you how you want to proceed.

Managing Keyword Groups in Your Settings

You can also manage all the keyword groups used across your playbooks in your App Settings here

When you click in, you'll be able to create a new group as well as edit the keywords within existing groups. 

We currently do not offer the functionality to rename or delete your keyword groups!

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