June 2018

Half-Height Chat Window

That's right! Company and Enterprise Plans can now choose to have a half-height widget size. 

Find this under App Settings > Chat Widget > Design

URL Testing

Confirm whether or not your URL matches the display condition you've set up!

Bot Inbox Targeting

Under the Review tab in the playbook editor, users can now determine which inboxes certain playbooks will go to!

Multiple Signature Banners

Depending on how your organization uses Drift Signatures, you can now cycle through 4 different banners when sending an email.

This is available when you update your Chrome Extension!


CSV Custom Attributes

Organizations can now sync CSVs of contacts with custom attributes.

Simply Create a Custom Attribute in Drift, make a column for it on your CSV, then map the two when importing the list!

Search Properties in Playbooks

Once again users can search through properties and attributes to find the right personalization tag. 

Email Captured Metric in Playbooks View

We brought back the column in the Playbooks section where you can see the amount of Emails Captured by each playbook. 

Copy and Paste Questions

You can now clone questions, including their answers! No need to manually recreate questions as you work through your flow.

New Avatars

Know who you're chatting with at a glance.

We've added Avatars to the conversation sidebar to give you more context. Site visitors are assigned a special color to help you distinguish between them.

Videos in Drift Help!

The Drift Help article editor now allows for users to insert youtube videos.

New Phone Capture Option

Phone number capture questions can now be set to "no default country code," and will store any number. Often requested by users in the EU, this allows for many different formats in a single phone capture.

Disconnect Gmail Button

Ever want to disconnect your Gmail account from Drift but don't know how? Previously hidden inside the calendar settings, we've now added the ability to disconnect a Gmail account from your email settings!

Playbook Account Based Routing

Account Owner is now a true routing rule in bot playbooks! Make sure the right leads are getting to the right account owner - ultimately create a custom experience for targeted accounts with bot playbooks.

Clearbit Revenue Routing

Organizations can now use Clearbit revenue as a lead routing option! Get those big money deals in front of the right reps πŸ’°

Playbook Editor Update

We listened to customer feedback and made some huge quality of life improvements. All of these changes make it easier for the customer to see what is going on. On one screen. With no extra clicking.

1. Responses get displayed inline. No more responses hiding behind little dots.

2. Each and every response gets displayed. No more cutting off after only 4 and no more grouping.

3. Full questions appear without getting cutoff. The question box is dynamically resized to fit the length of the question.

4. Lines cross over each other less often and are easier to follow.

5. Hovering over responses darkens its specific line showing where it leads.

Legitimate Interest Compliance

In the wake of GDPR's rollout, part of complying with the legitimate interest policy is allowing organization to always show their privacy policy link in their chat widgets and bots. Now, within the Consent Form settings you'll see a toggle that allows this!

Search for Articles in Drift Help

You can now search for articles from the category manager in Drift Help!

Sync Unsubscribed Contacts

With organizations migrating their contacts to Drift, it is crucial to be able to keep a safe record of who has unsubscribed to their emails. Now, businesses can rest assured that their unsubscribed contacts will be synced with Drift using the Segment integration.

Conversation View Revamp!

Our team recently went into overdrive and shipped a bunch of new updates to the conversation view. Here are some of the new updates with corresponding screenshots:

  • Last Message Author
  • Who Is Typing
  • Participants
  • Internal Notes
  • Time since last message
  • Bolded "unread" state

Bot Loop

The Bot loop is here! When site visitors engage with our support bot, the bot will continue owning the conversation until the user requests a human. This will drastically increase the number of conversations the bot can close, decreasing the number of conversations that will need an actual human performing support!

 Meetings Booked Event for Salesforce

Meetings booked in Drift now shows up as an event in Salesforce! The toggle is automatically on for new users and will need to be turned on for existing organizations. Find it under App Settings > Apps > Salesforce > Sync Settings

Bulk Delete Accounts

From the accounts page, users now have the ability to kick off a job to remove all the accounts in one go. No more tabbing through hundreds of pages of mistakenly downloaded accounts to remove them.

Salesforce Conversation Reporting

Introducing conversation metrics in Salesforce! Now customers can measure how they're doing with Drift chat right in Salesforce and compare with SF's native live chat feature.

Help Center Code Blocks

A massive request for our new HelpCenter was the ability to insert code blocks into new documents.

<We heard you and now this is possible thanks to our wonderful engineering team>

Custom Calendar Drop in Emails

That's right, this is now live to all Drift customers on extension version v4.5.7. We've got UI updates, default selections, and a fancy new calendar header. (you can tell by the screenshot that Alex was excited to share this improvement)

Import Log Update

Ever wish you could see all of the previous contact imports on an accounts? And see the errors that happened on each import? With our new contact Imports Page, you can!

Who is in this Conversation?

You might have noticed something new in the conversation list.. We now show you who is typing! It is now crystal clear when a Teammate is handling a conversation.

The team says they aren't stopping here!

Email Error Message

We improved our error messaging infrastructure on email campaigns to bubble up specific messages to the end user. Now organizations can see common reasons why sends fail!

Secure HelpCenter

All traffic to Drift's Help Center (non-custom URLs) is now forced to go through a secure connection

Super secure and trustworthy 😁

Who Receives Data Deletion Request Emails

Admins of organizations can now select who gets the notification emails when a customer's data has been requested to be deleted. This is found under Settings > App Settings > Data Privacy

Meeting Cancelled Email

Now, when the scheduler cancels a meeting, you'll get an email informing you that it's been cancelled. No more silent cancellations

Unblock Site Visitors

Ever accidentally block someone in chat that shouldn't be? Oops! Well it happens to everyone so we decided to add a way to unblock these individuals. Happy Drifting!

Invite Teammates with Style 😎

Our invite email got an upgrade!



Drift Teams are Here!

Teams is a huge feature our engineers have been working on and it is finally live! Company and Enterprise plans can now create different internal teams which can be tied to availability settings, the widget targeting, and playbook targeting.

Here are some helpful help articles so you can get the most out of teams:

Setting up Team Hours

Playbook Targeting by Team

Widget Targeting by Team

A Taste of Clearbit Reveal

A huge add-on Company & Enterprise plans often enjoy is our Clearbit Reveal, which offers mind-blowing data enrichment from the IP address of site visitors. Now, any user can get a taste of this powerful tool! When information on a specific site visitor is available, users can click "Show Me" at the top of the conversation view to test this out for a limited time.

Open Conversation Upon Clicking ABM Notification

Our engineerings heard some pain points from various sales teams on their use of ABM. Now, creating a conversation from your ABM notifications will immediately move you to that conversation you created. No more being confused on if you actually sent the message or not!

Calendar Drop Customization

The calendar drop is a wonderful tool for sending emails with your availability.

But sometimes you want to make sure your customers are getting an even more personalized email. You now have the option to select which days to send them!

AND you're also now able to select the timezone to display the slots in. No more confusion over meetings over separate time zones.

 New Team Availability Skill

The Team Availability Bot skill helps by re-routing conversations and dropping calendars when a rep doesn't answer. Now, users can create transparency with your site visitors by sending an away message.

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