July 2018

Google Analytics on Drift Help

Users can now add Google Analytics tracking codes to their Drift Help pages. Not just articles, but ALL THEIR PAGES!

Map Metrics to Salesforce Task Fields 

Organizations can now map metrics to Salesforce task fields.

Password Managers

We just added support for password managers to our login page! 

Tag Reporting

Now BOTH bot applied and manual tags are in a new chart on the reports page for everyone!
This answers questions like:

  • What % of my convos are resulting in demos?
  • What do my good leads have in common?
  • How are my reps tagging conversations?
  • Conversation Export Upgrade

Conversation Export Upgrade

Conversation exports now include:

Agent Id, Agent Name, Agent Response time, CQL Score, Lead Stage, Page URL, Close Date and Conversation URL.

View Contact Segments

Instead of the old way of using the dropdown, you can now view a list of all your segments and even drill into them!

Is a Rep's Calendar Connected?

Team members now have a calendar icon that displays iff they have their calendar connected. This enables customers to quickly tell who has their calendar connected, improves the routing of leads and allows users to fully leverage the connected calendar features. Have a look!

Delete Filtered Contacts

Starting today, you can now delete contacts that match a filter! Gone are the days in which you would have to create a segment to delete a specific list of contacts. Now just filter, and go to manage your contacts, and boom, deletion of filtered list.

In-Line Conversation Tags

In the bot editor, you can now tag conversations.

In-Line Attribute Mapping

In the bot editor, you can now set contact properties inline for specific responses.

Tag and Lead Stage Reports

Users can tag conversations and see lead stage in the conversation view but they were never able to see that in their reports. Now organizations are able to filter data in reports by Lead Stage, see top Tags and export conversation data with Tags included.

Signature Reports

You can now compare the performance of your different signatures in the report view!

New Playbook Iterations

Bots are people too: our widget now treats bot conversations more like real conversations by opening up the conversations window if a dismissed bot message was the last conversation to happen.

Welcome back message: if the user most recently received a welcome message playbook then dismissed it, clicking the widget will reopen that welcome message playbook.

Article Feedback Reports

Organizations can now see how helpful their Drift Help articles are in the category manager of Drift Help!

Click-to-edit Playbook Editor

In the visual builder, you can now edit questions and responses inline.

List and Update Users Externally 

Third parties now have the ability to list and update Users externally via our API platform. We've received requests for updating availabilities and retrieving internal user contact information from customers. Now it's here!

Create Contacts in Salesforce

That's right, Drift can now create/update contacts instead of leads, associating the new contacts with your existing Salesforce accounts.

For more details check out the integration's helpdoc.

Article Feedback

The Help Center team is bringing to you Article Feedback. We now allow for End Users to react to an article by voting thumbs up or thumbs down on whether an article was helpful.

New Conversation View

Introducing the Compact Conversation Header, Tabbed Contact Sidebar, and an enticing Upgrade Flow!

Now you’ll enjoy 54% of vertical screen real-estate (up from a measly 21%).

Learn more about getting Company Data into your conversation view with Drift Intel on Company and Enterprise plans!

Test Request URLs

Drift app developers can now accelerate app development by easily testing request urls for their applications before putting them live. This is part of a bigger initiative to make developer platform easier to use and to implement good practices that can be found in other great developer platforms.

In-Line Actions

Organizations can now set CQL and Lead Stage throughout the flow of a bot conversation instead of waiting until the end!


Did You Save Your Article? 

Drift Help now checks with users when they navigate away from the page, close their browser window or even reload the page if there are any unsaved changes.

Drift Help Reports Date Picker

Drift Help Reports for Total Conversations closed now has a date picker to allow users to get more insight into their data over different periods of time.

User Info from API

Drift partners and API users can now query user information from their external apps! This includes things like availability, email, name, etc.

Email Resubscribe 

Until now, end users who unsubscribe from emails have had no option to change their mind. BUT NO MORE! They now have the option to RESUBSCRIBE to company emails.

Drift Help Reporting

Organizations who use the Help Bot Skill can see the total number of conversations closed from the bot. The data displayed for now is for the current week compared to the previous week. We have a date picker coming up soon to show data for different dates.

Live View Update

Now the whole visitor row is clickable and opens a new sidebar with contact info so you don't have to deal with disappearing modal when you scroll.

Playbook AutoSave

Now, when a user makes an edit to a playbook, those are saved as drafts!

Unsubscribe Webhook

Presenting a brand new unsubscribe webhook! Our users can now set up notifications through the dev page for whenever a contact unsubscribes from their emails!!

Vimeo in Drift Help

After we shipped video for the Drift Help editor. We got a lot of asks for support for vimeo videos. We have now added the ability to include Vimeo videos.

Search for Tags

Using a lot of conversation tags when chatting with customers? This one is for you. 

Users can now search through their list of tags when adding one to a conversation! 

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