Spruce up Drift Signatures with Jinja Templating

Within Drift Jinja is used in the Bot visual builder, email playbooks, and Drift Signatures. You see it in the form of personalization tokens within the Bot flow and email playbooks--they're just preformatted for your ease of use.

Customizing Jinja

Within the Drift Signature playbook you have the ability to choose information about the sender you want included, whether that's employee information, or company information.

In the default template we have, each of the blocks of text represent a different attribute or condition:

  • {{ sender.name }} = the name of the person sending the email
  • {{ profile.jobTitle}} = the title of the person sending the email
  • {{ org.name }} = the company name
  • {% if _____ %} = whatever comes after this block is conditional, and is the start of an "if" statement
    • e.g. {% if profile.visibility == ‘PUBLIC’ %} = if the profile is set to public, then it will continue to the following conditions 
  • {% endif %} = this ends the "if" statement, which means that in the circumstance the "if" statement isn’t met it will skip over the text between the start and end of the “if”
  • {% else %} = this means that if the first condition isn't met, then the second one will show
    • e.g. {% if calendar.connected %}Book a Meeting{% else %}Chat with Me{% endif %} = if the calendar is connected then show the "Book a Meeting" link, but if it's not then show the "Chat with Me" text

How to insert links for personal information:

  1. Write out the text (e.g. LinkedIn)

  2. Highlight it and select the hyperlink button

  3. Enter the first part of the URL, and when you get to where the handle would be insert the Jinja for that personalization

    The Jinja for LinkedIn handle is profile.linkedInHandle. The URL would then be https://www.linkedin.com/in/{{profile.linkedInHandle}}

  4. Hit "Ok", and you should be all set!

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