Image Dimensions

Make your conversations and public-facing profiles more personal by adding your own pictures!

This document covers suggested image dimensions and provides a quick reminder on which one is which.

Dimensions are a suggestion. Inserting images with different dimensions may affect their quality.


The picture for your Avatar will be scaled into a 100x100 image. 

Below is where you can change it!


and here is what the Avatar looks like in chat and your Welcome Message

Profile Picture

Your Profile can either be Standard or Two-Columned 

  • The Standard view takes the photo from your Avatar
  • The Two-Columned option's photo is scaled into be 800 pixels tall.

This can be found in the Profile section under Settings


Chat Widget

You can also change the Chat Widget button and here is a doc that describes how! 

The image is scaled to 100x100, like your Avatar. A few examples include a custom icon, a logo, or a face 




Images in Playbooks

Playbooks give you the option to insert media, like pictures. Chat and Email playbooks handle images differently:


Putting a picture into chat playbooks scale it down to a chat-friendly format of 230x230



When you insert images in your email playbooks, you can upload any image and customize the dimensions

If you choose the Banner Style option, the banner will be scaled to 600 pixels wide


Users can also customize what the bot looks like! 

Uploading an image in the section below will scale it down to about 100x100


You can think of this image as an Avatar for when your bot engages visitors in chat. Here are some really good examples :)



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