Drift Sales Sequence Best Practices

We just told you that Sales Sequences are a part of Drift, but what's the best way to use them? 

How the Sales Team at Drift is Using Sequences: 

When our team started using email sequences, our sales team was the first to try them out. What we envisioned for sequences was a way for your sales team to send better nurturing emails to leads. 

You know the drill, you get an email from a member of the sales team from a company. 

You dont reply and 5 days later you get the follow up email saying "I just want to make sure you got my last email", meanwhile you've gone onto the site and clicked around, but the company has no context of this. 

Or two sales reps from the same company enrolled you in the same sequence. Just all around bad experiences, right? 

We envisioned our sales sequences to be smarter, and have more context, then these systems. 


The Main Use Case We Envisioned For Sequences: 

We created this email product so that sales reps could set up a nurturing email sequence where leads can be enrolled in the sequence to be nurtured into eventually buying your product, while making the entire process easier for the sales rep and the buyer. 

Here Are Some Tips on Sending Great Email Sequences with Drift: 

Hyperlink back to your site in your Sequences:

One of the biggest superpowers of Drift sequences is the loop that is closed when a customer receives a sequence and goes onto your website. 

Using the Drift chrome extension, that user will be identified as a lead you are talking with via email, and they will receive a personalized message from the sender! 


Use Email Signatures, dynamic calendar links, and personalization tokens: 

As a marketer, you can create as many sequences as you'd like for your sales team to send out, but adding a level of personalization to each sequence will make them stand out! 

In your Sequences Playbook, you can insert a dynamic calendar link that will connect to the calendar of whichever rep sends out a sequence, as well as personalization tokens and a dynamic email signature that will make each email have a personal touch to it


Edit your Sequences Before You Send Them: 

Marketers can write up awesome copy for sequences, but if you are working on nurturing a big client, chances are you want to add more information to the sequences they will receive to give them a unique and individual experience. 

Before you enroll users in a sequence in Drift or Salesforce, you can edit the template sequence your marketing team wrote! 


Scheduling a Sequence Send

When you enroll a contact from your Contacts Page (here), you can schedule when it sends! 

Using the below Send Email On: options you can choose the date and time the email sends

You will then see a confirmation of the time it will send before hitting publish, to confirm it is sending at the right time and on the right date. 

When it all looks good, hit the Enroll in Sequence button! 



Make Your Content Useful: 

The best sales reps are helpful and personal. Like tour guides – more likely to be product experts than pushy salespeople.

And that’s where Drift Sequences comes in. It’s sales email reinvented to help reps start more conversations with their potential customers.

You're not a robot, even if your team uses them to generate leads, so be human!

This is the first email in a sequence our sales team uses for our freemium user base. Notice how they're not pushing the users to upgrade, rather asking the recipient if they can help improve their experience with Drift. 


Don't Overdo It

You dont want to be bombarded with email after email from the same sales team, so dont send out a 10 email sequence to your audience. The ideal sales sequence should be around 3-4 emails over the span of a few weeks. 

Of course, this depends on the kind of email sequence you're trying to set up, but when you are trying to nurture a lead, try to make your emails short and effective, without over doing it. 

All of our Sales reps sequences are only 3 or 4 questions long, with personal, conversational messages. 


Create your first outbound playbook here.

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