How to use Display Conditions To Target Your ABM Accounts

If you want to use other Playbooks besides the "Greet Your Targeted Accounts" ABM Playbook, you can use a new Display Targeting condition to deliver a Playbook to your targeted accounts! 

This feature is only available on the Company and Enterprise plans with Clearbit Add On

So what can this display condition do? 

Basically, this display condition can help you further your prospects! If you want to have a LeadBot further qualify all of your targeted accounts, you can use the targeting condition "Targeted Account is True" in your Playbook Display settings: 

So first you'll want to go to your Playbooks tab and creating a new Playbook, or edit an existing one: 

Once you're in your Playbooks editing interface, you'll want to go to the Targeting section and edit your Display targeting: 

In your targeting conditions, click on the section entitled "Drift" and use the dropdown menu to choose the condition "Targeted Account" "is true": 

This will target all of your accounts who are imported or synced in your Accounts tab. There is no way to only target some accounts right now. 

Using this condition will not have the Playbook be delivered by the Account Owner. Read below for workarounds 👇🏼

How Will This Work with the ABM Playbook? 

The ABM Playbook will always override any other Playbook you create with this targeting condition. 

A few workarounds that you can use if you want to target your accounts with another Playbook using this Display Condition: 

  • Disable the Targeted Accounts Playbook and just use a LeadBot Playbook to qualify your targeted accounts further. If you want to ensure that the correct account owner is added to the conversation, then you can route the correct rep into the conversation by having the Playbook follow your routing rules and you can set up Salesforce Routing Rules.

    If you do not have a SFDC account, then there is no way to have the correct rep be routed to this conversation without using the ABM Playbook. You can use the routing option of Round Robin with the conversations between a group of people and have SDR's or BDR's be routed to those conversations as well.

  • Another workaround is putting more specific targeting on your ABM Playbook if you do not want to turn it off. You can target the ABM Playbook to only display to certain states or for certain website behavior with any of the other targeting conditions you can use in Drift. Then, your second Playbook will show for the other accounts that do not fit into the targeting conditions of your ABM Playbook.

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