How to set up Bot to ask the right questions


Rather than asking 50 site visitors the same 3 qualifying questions every day, a bot does the hard work and lets you jump in only once a human is needed to book a demo or hop on a call.

The problem though - bots are new. People often get caught up with the novelty and forget that the fundamental use of the bot is to engage with more visitors faster, and to be a tool your BDR’s can use to qualify leads before ever stepping in.

So we are going to show you:

  • Exactly how to setup a bot script to meet your sales goals
  • How we use bots here are Drift
  • Some tips and tricks in setting them up

1. Identify your objectives

Picture this: Someone who somehow and some way found out about your product and is on your site right now.

What do you need to know about someone to best help them?

We recommend asking something that will engage them so that they want to start a chat with you.

From there - you can ask whatever you’d like. Here’s how we try to structure the conversation:

  • Question 1: What? (What brought you here)
  • Question 2: Who? (Who are you? What company do you represent?)
  • Question 3: How? (How can I help you use our product?)
  • CTA (book a demo, leave an email, start a trial, engage with human)

Great now check out how this looks from the front end for us:



2. Type your questions

Keep them short and sweet - when questions get too broad people tend to put outlandish responses that won't match up with your script. We generally recommend 2-3 questions to keep them engaged and get the information you need.

Pro Tip: Give your questions some options. (ie. rather than asking "How are you looking to use Drift?" try asking "How are you looking to use Drift? (sales, marketing, support)" to prompt them into different flows which you already have responses for.

3. Create AI bot responses for follow ups


Or just set up a default response by clicking the little icon on a reply
4. CTA
Perfect, now this is the big moment that will turn that hot lead into an opportunity for your team.
Option 1 - Email response to ask more questions
When to use: When you weren't able to field the person's response right away, you can follow up with them through the email the bot captured from them
Option 2 - Book a demo right away
If you're seeing the chat unfold in real time, throw your calendar in there an our bot will schedule the demo for you instantly.

General tips and how to improve your conversations:

Test it out:

Create a few questions and follow ups and see how your customers responded. After a few conversation you’ll be able to see if there was a response you forgot or a question most people on your page had.

Keep questions simple at first:

Being able to ask simple questions that allow customers to follow the script keep them engaged and allow you to gather all of the information without them running off script.

Start small:

Putting something on your site can be a big change - add the bot script to a Playbook of a small group of people such as people who visit X page Y # of times to test it out so that you’re only talking to people you want to.


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