How Can I Customize My Email Signature and Insert it Into a Playbook?

Your signature on emails through Drift is fully customizable. Here’s a quick how-to guide along with some tips & tricks!

Where to Customize Your Signature

First, navigate to your personal settings by clicking on your avatar in the lower left, then “My Settings,” and expand the “Email Signature” box. In the box below is where you can completely format your signature.

Customization Options

These are the options you have:

Here’s what mine looks like:

  1. Undo and Redo actions
  2. Bold and Italicize text
  3. Create numbered or bulleted lists
  4. Left, Center, or Right align
  5. Insert a hyperlink or an image
  6. Insert a link that directs to the “Schedule a Meeting” button on your Drift profile. Choose the calendar you want to connect and customize the link text!

We don't allow videos in the signature, but you can hyperlink a picture and have it direct to a video link.

Be sure to save your signature before leaving the page!

What You can Do with Your Signature

Now with this signature saved, you can quickly insert it into any email playbook. Just click on the “Drift” dropdown menu, select “Email Signature,” and it’ll get dropped right in!

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