How Can a User Unenroll from a Sequence?

When you enroll a contact in a sequence, that sequence will immediately execute the first step. Contacts can be unenrolled from that sequence automatically or manually.

Automatic Unenrollment:

There are a few ways your leads will become unenrolled in a sequence:

  1. If they respond to any of the emails in the sequence, they will be unenrolled from receiving the rest of your scheduled emails.
  2. If the user goes onto your website and chats with you via Drift. That’s right, our system can recognize users who have chatted into your website, even if they haven’t responded to your email, and unenroll them from your sequence.
  3. If the user books a meeting with you through Drift, they will again be unenrolled from your sequence.
  4. If the user responds to the email with something like “Unsubscribe”, “remove me from the list”, etc. Our product uses machine learning to understand when a user is no longer interested in receiving your emails so as to create a better experience for the end user.

This means that your leads will no longer receive any email communication within Drift, from Marketing emails to Sales sequences.


Manual Unenrollment:

1. You can manually unenroll a contact from a sequence in Drift, however you cannot unenroll a contact in Salesforce.



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