Google Analytics Integration

Integrating will give us permission to automatically send Drift events to GA. Specifically, Drift events will include startConversation, emailCapture, and scheduling:meetingBooked.


This tutorial is a one-click solution. If you would rather connect to Google Analytics via our Javascript SDK, click here!


The 3 goals this integration tracks are: Conversation Started, Meeting Booked, and Email Captured without any additional configuration from you!


How to integrate:

Within your Drift account, go to Team Settings > Apps. Then find the Google Analytics app

Then click Connect!


After you connect:


Most people only have one Tracking ID and on their website, so you most likely won't have to worry about this part at all.


However, if you would like to specify Tracking Name or Tracking Id, you can override it by typing your own. Just must make sure the name is already in your Google Analytics.



In Google Analtyics: 


You can see the events in Google Analytics in your Events tab: 





Events we send to Google Analytics


We send three events to GA: "Chat Started", "Email Captured", "Meeting Booked"

Chat Started fires when a user chats in from a welcome message. If the user engages with a playbook, this event will not fire.


Email Captured will fire any time a user provides their email. This can be in a email-capture question or directly in the chat.


Meeting Booked will fire anytime a meeting is booked with our calendar drop functionality.


Check out our developer document that dives into the customization options for sending events to Google Analytics. 


In Google Analytics


If you want to associate specific goals with these Google Analytics events (if you want to trigger a goal based on these events, import the goal into Adwords and bid according to the leads the campaign gets via Drift!) 


First, you'll want to click on your Admin gear icon in Google Analytics, head to your goal section, and create a new goal.


  1. In your goal setup, you'll want to create a custom goal and press "continue"
  2. Next, in your Goal Description, you'll want to name your goal whatever you'd like and set the type to be "Event" . The press "Continue"
  3. Then, in your Goal Details you will set your category to be Equal To Drift Widget.
  4. Based on which action you want to trigger an event based off of, you'll use The Action Equal To: "Chat Started", "Email Captured", or "Meeting Booked".
  5. You will want to keep the Label and Value fields blank.
  6. Lastly you'll want to turn off the toggle that reads "Use the Event Value as the Goal Value for the conversion" and set a monetary value to the conversation
  7. Make sure to save your new goal! 


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