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What is the Salesforce Dashboard?

With the Salesforce Integration, organizations have the option to turn on the Salesforce Revenue Dashboard. This is an infographic chart* that displays the Opportunities, Pipeline, and Closed Won in Salesforce that were influenced by Drift. The metrics are entirely revenue driven and it's a great tool for proving ROI by Drift. 

* All examples of the Dashboard in this document are real and anonymous examples taken from different Drift accounts


Article Overview:

  1. Why did Drift Create this? 
  2. How to activate the Dashboard
  3. How to read the Dashboard
  4. The technical flow of how Influenced by Drift works
  5. FAQs


1. Why did Drift create this? 

For decades, marketers have argued with sales teams about what makes a lead qualified. They’ve fought about what influenced a sale: a marketing campaign or a sales call? Every marketer knows this pain and it sucks. So how are we fixing it? By centering reporting around revenue – both marketing and sales can focus on one metric.


2. How to start using the Dashboard

To turn this on from right within your Dashboard, look to the right of your Drift Overview Dashboard and click the Connect Salesforce Account button.



To turn this on from within your App Settings, head to the Apps section and find Salesforce using the search bar. Confirm that your Salesforce account is successfully connected. Here's a direct link to your Salesforce connection if so.

Then if you click that App, at the bottom of the page you'll find the Salesforce Revenue Dashboard toggle. 

Now navigate back to, and your Drift Dashboard should now include the Influenced by Drift chart to the right of the Drift Overview chart. 


3. How to read the Dashboard 


The Dashboard has three main metrics: Opportunities, Pipeline, and Closed Won. 

  • Opportunities: the number of sales and pending deals that you decided to track in SFDC which were influenced by Drift.
  • Pipeline Influenced: the sum of revenue attached to all said Opportunities which were influenced by Drift.
  • Closed Won: the total revenue from deals marked marked as closed-won in SFDC (in which a contact has inked the deal and become your customer) which were... you guessed it, influenced by Drift



Interacting with the Dashboard

Here are the things you'll want to pay attention to in the SFDC Dashboard: Time frame, percent increase and decrease, hovering over data points, and seeing specific opportunities influenced by account name. Let's go over what each of these looks like:



Time Frame Filter

By default, the Dashboard (both Drift Overview and Influenced by Drift) will be filtering by the last 30 days.

The options for this filter let you customize reporting on specific dates, but we auto-create some timeline filters that are popular: 


As an example of customization, here is the time frame for if I wanted to find the metrics for the second half of September. The dotted line graph you see in a lighter blue is a time frame of the same length but before your selected dates. 

Drift auto-creates these so that you can see the % increase and decrease month-over-month, week-over-week, etcetera. More on that below:


Percent Increase and Decrease

Now, you might've also noticed that these graphs are not static...


Hover and Click

  • Hover: Within the Salesforce Dashboard, you can hover over specific data points  and see the closed won revenue, as well as % increase and decrease since the last time period  matching the one you have currently set. The exact dates are specified in the hover box. 

  • Click: If you click the Data point, you can "View Details". These details will pull up a modal like shown in the screenshot below.
  • In this modal pop-up, there is a table of Opportunities (Renewals, Recognitions, Expansions, etc), which Account they are for, as well as the Created and Closed dates.
  • There are two tabs, one organizing opportunities influenced by Drift using Create Date, then other using Closed date (see second screenshot). 

Now we can dig into how exactly we calculate Drift's influence!


5. How "Influenced by Drift" is Calculated

The elusive definition of "Influence" is not so elusive! We have a public developer document on the queries that our team uses on the data in your Salesforce instance. However, it's also worth describing in plain English. The basic idea is that if there has been a conversation through your Drift Chat before any deal was actually closed, then we have influenced that revenue. Here is how we achieve that definition logistically:

Influenced by Drift is not the same as Drift being the Lead Source. When an agent closes a conversation with a lead whose email isn't already associated with a lead or contact in Salesforce, Drift creates a Lead in Salesforce with Lead Source “Drift." These certainly fall under the "Influenced by Drift" calculation, but is an oversimplified explanation. 


5. FAQs

1. Does revenue reporting work retroactively?
Yes, so long as you’ve had the Salesforce and Drift integration set up, you’ll see
how Drift has influenced revenue from pipeline and opportunities closed before your Dashboard is turned on. 
2. Do I need Salesforce?
Yes, today you need Salesforce and a Pro (or higher) plan to see influenced revenue reporting. 
3. This wasn't the dashboard I was looking for... How do I see my Conversations Reporting Dashboard?
Visit The conversations dashboard is available to all customers and free users and it works retroactively – however long you’ve been using Drift you can see the data.
4. What if multiple Opportunities are created on an account? 
We will sum each opportunity as separate values. For example, if someone chats in to our team and we close a Standard $50/month deal with them, and then two weeks later there is an Opportunity created during a chat for Upgrading to Pro at $500/month, then in total we have Influenced $550 in Pipeline and $50 in Closed Won revenue in that two week period.

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