Get Notifications When Contacts Come to Your Site

Let's say you're working a set of leads that you're so close to closing. You want to know when they come back to your website so you can reach out to them at the perfect moment, all through Drift live chat.


In addition to the Drift Live View (part of our paid plans), where you can see who is live on your website in real time, you can now get notified when specific people come back to your website, in real time. 


"Follow" is only available on our Pro Plan and above.


How to follow


Following users is very easy and only takes 1 click. You can follow users on their profiles directly, in the profile drawer in conversations (right sidebar), and from their avatar hover card by hovering over their face anywhere in Drift.




Getting Notifications


When you're following a site visitor you'll get notifications in your browser and on your phone every time they come on to your website. 


We'll only notify you for the same visitor once every 30 minutes to avoid overloading you with notifications while they are switching from page to page on your site. 


To receive notifications on your phone, download the Drift Mobile App.





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