The Chat Fallback Email

Sometimes, people leave in the middle of a conversation you're having with them in Drift. They've got to run to a meeting, they get distracted, or they lose connectivity. Don't worry! If you've captured their email address, your unread messages can still reach them by email so that they can continue the conversation when it's convenient for them!

We can only send fallback notifications to site visitors who have provided their email address. 📬

How to set it up

You can turn this setting on by going to Settings > App Settings > Drift Widget > Advanced or click here! Simply switch the toggle to enable the feature!

How Fallback Emails Work on Your Plan

If you are on the Pro Plan and up: 

  • Unread messages will send via email after 1 minute if the end user is offline and has unread messages
  • Unread messages will send via email in 15 minutes if the end user is online and has unread messages

If you are on the Free Plan: 

  • Unread messages will send via email after 15 minutes.

What The Fallback Email Looks Like

Conversation View

Within the conversation view, we’ll give you a heads up that the conversation was sent via email.

What Fallback Emails Look Like on the Customer's End

Fallback emails appear like a typical email thread, so you can intuitively continue the conversation by replying to the email. We also include hyperlinks to take you back to the page you were chatting on!

If you have any questions, chat in and let us know!

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