Drift Intel

Drift Intel enables marketers to turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads for their sales teams in real-time, eliminating the friction that comes with filling out forms.

Drift Intel offers an enhanced Live View, Conversation View, and Playbook and ABM Targeting to help give sales and marketing teams everything they need to deliver a world-class experience to every site visitor.

In this document you can find:

  • What does Drift Intel do?
  • What information can I expect from Drift Intel?
Drift Intel is available on our  Premium (formerly Company) and Enterprise Plans .

What does Drift Intel do?

Live View

Drift Intel shows you real-time info you used to have to ask visitors to give you themselves.

See information like Company Name, Industry, Employee Count, Revenue, Location, and more in the Live View section

  • Live View is on the lefthand navigation bar.
  • Company Name is included in the main screen.  
  • To see more about the visitor's Company, click on them!

Select a site visitor to view more Company Information or to chat them directly! 


Learn more about Live View here!

Conversation View

We built Drift Intel to give you company information while you are having conversations with your potential customers. 

The anonymous visitor you're chatting with isn't just a random person - it is someone at a software company in NYC with 500 employees and $25-50m in annual revenue.

  • You can find the Conversation View on the lefthand navigation bar.
  • A brief summary is located at the top of your chat.
  • More information on the person and company are located in tabs on the righthand side of your chat. 

We wanted the conversation to keep most of the real estate. 


Playbook Targeting

Ensure that every visitor gets the kind of personal touch most B2B websites are missing.

With Drift Intel, Bot and Pop Over playbooks have a robust list of firmographic targeting conditions. 

  • When you create a Chat Playbook, find the Audience section under Bot Settings
  • Click on Visitors who... under 'Who should see this bot?' and Add a Condition 
  • The ClearBit options are under Intel in the drop down

Here it is all at once! 


We all know the power of account based marketing. With Drift, when a VIP lead lands on your site your sales team can instantly reach out with a personalized message, directly from the account owner.

Drift Intel allows you to further customize these playbooks by offering firmographic targeting conditions. 

Here's a clip of creating the ABM playbook with Drift Intel all at once!


We talk a lot about personalization and rolling out the red carpet, here's how. 

These "Personalization" tags in the Pop Over, Bot, and Email Playbook's editor provides a quick and convenient way to tailor your message to the user it's addressing.

When building a playbook, edit your question, greeting, or email body and click the Personalization tag:

This will bring up a drop down of all your contact and Clearbit attributes.

Once you select one, you can customize a default text to use if the information isn't available. For example, "Hey Drift!" vs. "Hey there!

Here's what it looks like! 

If you're technical and want to look into this a little bit more, here's the GitHub library we use for these tags.

What information can I expect from Drift Intel?

Clearbit Attributes

  • clearbit_employees - Number of employees in a company
  • clearbit_tags - List of company vertical descriptors
  • clearbit_name - Name of company
  • clearbit_domain - Company domain associated with person's employer
  • clearbit_tech - List of technologies used by the company
  • clearbit_revenue - Annual revenue for a company (public companies only)
  • clearbit_alexa_us - US rank of company site traffic
  • clearbit_raised - Total amount of funding raised by company
  • clearbit_alexa_global - Global rank of company site traffic as calculated by Alexa (1 being the most trafficked site)
  • clearbit_country - Country of company headquarters
  • clearbit_state - State of company headquarters

Integrate with Salesforce?

You can map the following information gathered by Drift Intel into your CRM! 

  • employment name
  • employment title
  • country
  • state
  • zip code

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