Drift Email for Marketing Overview

Introducing,  - the best way to turn your emails into engaging conversations that close leads faster. This doc is the ultimate resource for touring you around the product and walking you through the features. Let's jump in! 

This feature is available on the Standard Plan and above.

Getting There

To create an email for marketing, click the playbooks icon on the left, then New Playbook and Email Playbook.

We have a couple different options. There are playbooks for nurturing your blog subscribers, sending an update in the form of an email newsletter, promoting new blog content, and announcing your latest product update. We'll run through this in the same order as the playbook builder to guide you step-by-step.


Compose your Emails

First, you'll want to consider the template for your email. You can choose from a simple text template, logo styled with your company logo (from this page) and banner styled where you can insert a custom banner image.

Next is editing the email Sender and Subject. For Sender, the default is the email address for your account, but we have have a couple choices to pick from. Hover over the Sender line to see the "edit" button, and click it.

Clicking brings up this window, where you can choose to send from any Drift User.

Or, you can choose to dynamically send from the account owner in Drift by clicking the dropdown next to "Drift User." You can customize the format of the send from line and choose a default value if there's no account owner for this company in Drift.

This particular feature is only available on Company or Enterprise plans as it requires ABM.

Now it's time to edit the copy! The text editor comes with lots of ways to customize the text, for a full breakdown you can check out this helpdoc on the editor buttons. Along with the standard text editor options, you also have the ability to insert your Drift calendar link, add personalization tokens, dynamically add the sender's email signature, and input custom buttons.

Additionally for nurturing playbooks, you have the option to edit the delay between emails in the box above the text editor:


The preview tab lets you see how your email will actually look. You can preview the Template, click the Default button to see default values in place of any dynamic tokens, and click the Contact button to fill personalization tokens with information from a particular contact segment.

Advanced Options

Our smart sending options give you full control over when your emails send. Use the first toggle to only send during business hours of the timezone your recipients' are in. Use the second toggle to avoid having your email getting lose in the clutter of weekend/holiday email blasts.


This is where you set and manage the recipients of your email(s). 

Build Your Audience

In this window, you choose which segments to include and which to exclude from receiving the email(s). Click the check mark or X mark next to a segment name to include or exclude it.

Add Smart Filters

Smart filters work in conjunction with your audience inclusion and exclusion. 

You can dynamically exclude any contacts that are engaged with your sales team or ones that had a recent conversation on your site from receiving or continuing to receive emails in this playbook, depending on when they become engaged.

Review and Send

Last but not least, toggle your playbook on and send it out!

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