How to Customize Drift Help

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  • Title, Tagline, and Description 
  • URL and CNAME
  • Add Custom Links to your Header 
  • Logo and Favicon
  • Theme 
  • Drift Branding

Your settings allow you to fully customize your Drift Help pages to fit with the rest of your site pages. You can add your own branding and logo in, change the theme, create your custom URL, and more.

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Title, Tagline, and Description

To navigate to your Help settings, click Settings in the upper left.

First, let's set up a title, tagline, and description.
The Drift Help title is what shows as the name of the tab when someone has a page on your help center open.
The tagline shows above your search bar.
And lastly, the meta description, which will show when a link to your help center is shared with others. We can’t guarantee Google will accept it, so we recommend a longer description for Google searches (~300 characters.)


With Drift Help, you can set the URL of your homepage (which is also used as the base for your article URLs.)


You will be given a subdomain to act as your help homepage by default. You may change your subdomain to any unclaimed subdomain under by updating the Drift Help Link.
To set up a custom domain, first submit your chosen domain to Drift Help by filling out the Custom Domain in the form as shown above. In this example we are showing Drift's own setup to point to our help center.
Next, go to your DNS provider's website (e.g. GoDaddy, Safenames, or Amazon Route 53). Look for a place to add a CNAME record, and create a CNAME ('canonical domain') record from your chosen custom domain to your Drift Help Link. For example, if we had a customer who wanted to host their Drift Help on their custom domain
Once you save this record, your DNS provider will start putting the changes into effect. These changes can take up to 72 hours to take effect but typically will be visible within an hour.

Add Custom Links to your Header

You can customize the links in the header of your help docs by going to Drift help > Settings > Basic Customization.

You can add up to 4 custom links to your header. This links work as a shortcut to exit the help docs and reach other important sites easier. For example, at Drift we have two headers “Start Here” and “Back to

Logo and Favicon

To set the logo and favicon, simply upload images here. We recommend a 150px wide JPG or PNG for the logo, which appears at the top left of every page on Drift Help, and a 32x32px PNG for the favicon, which appears next to the title in the tab (and is resized to a max-height of 40px.)


To set the theme color for Drift Help, choose a color in this box:

This is the color used in your page headers, for example:
Lastly, be sure to save your changes down at the bottom.

Drift Branding

Looking to remove Drift branding from your knowledge base? Simply navigate to this page, and toggle off Drift Branding. 

Note that toggling this off will remove Drift branding from your help center AND your widget and bots. This is a feature available on the Pro plan and all plans above it. 

Need a rundown of the Drift Help basics? Click here.

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