Set a custom language for your site

Say you have two versions of your website, one in English and one in German. How do you use the same widget on both sites, but specify the appropriate language for each? Now you can just by adding a little extra configuration to your Drift snippet...

Notice this little bit at the end that we added manually...

Make sure you grab the latest snippet for your Drift account from this page to use this new config method.

This also changes the language of the scheduling skill - the part where our bot asks for an email and offers a team member's calendar to schedule time.

If you just want to change the language of your widget on all sites, there's no custom code necessary. Head on over to this doc to see how.

If this is helpful please let us know! If there are other parameters you'd like to override on a per-site basis just chat into the widget on this page and let us know what else you'd like to see added.

Supported language codes

  • en
  • es
  • de
  • de-DE
  • de-DE-formal
  • hi
  • hu
  • et
  • is
  • nl
  • pt
  • pt-PT
  • pt-BR
  • sv
  • zh
  • fr
  • it
  • tr
  • ru
  • pl
  • sl
  • da
  • fi
  • hr
  • ko
  • nb
  • ro
  • sr
  • th
  • vi

Use different languages for different web pages

You might have a website that services two different countries. If you've made this distinction with URL paths, we can specify the language Drift is loaded.

For example, if we had a German version of Drift's blog on `` and an English version on  ``, we can specify by writing:

Notice this custom bit: 

Welcome and Away Message Configuration

When using a language separate from your account default configuration, you will need update the Welcome message and Away message content as well. Here is the configuration option to set that up:

However, we've now moved to make the Welcome Message a playbook, so you can refer to the next section for instructions there.

Playbooks Configuration

Lastly, you can setup playbooks with different languages to apply to the different pages of your site. These will be a manual process where you have to translate the message yourself and use our display conditions to show the various playbooks on the appropriate host URLs or URL paths.

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