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Custom Email Buttons (CTAs)

You can now insert a Call-to-Action button in your email playbooks. These buttons will be click-tracked and customizable.

Getting Started

Within your Drift account, go to Playbooks on the left sidebar and then click on the New Playbook Button

Then try any Email Playbook!

Once you've begun setting up your email playbook, start in your Message tab, working on the Email. Within your email editor, click the Insert button and select Button. Currently, you can only have one CTA button in an email.

Customizing your Button

Once you've clicked on Button, you can start customizing your button for a bunch of things! 

Within the Content, Style, and Settings tab, you can customize:

  • Link to either Web Address or Email
  • Border Radius
  • Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Spacing
  • Text Size
  • Padding
  • Alignment (Left, Center, Right)
  • Width (Custom, Half, Width)

Once you've inserted the button in your email template, you can drag it to change its location. You can also edit by going back to Insert > Button.

Click Tracking

To see how your emails are performing, you can go to your Playbooks page and see under the Email tab. Once you see all your email playbooks, you can see how many clicks each received and you can access an 

Helpdocs by drift