Conversational Landing Pages

With the addition of Conversational Landing Pages, now you'll be able to take potential customers from an ad directly to a conversation. This feature will be found in the Leadbot Builder, and each individual Leadbot playbook will have its own landing page. 

Conversational Landing Pages are meant for campaigns, and we automatically hide them from search engines by default.

Use Cases and Strategy Walkthrough Video

In this video, we'll review several examples available for you to draw inspiration from, and how to recreate them

Changing your Subdomain

To change your subdomain, you can head over to App Settings > Driftbot > Conversational Landing Pages

Customize our subdomain to match your company's brand. Just click "Save Changes" when you're done and you'll be all set!

The subdomain is the subdivision of the domain, and would be the part of the website URL that comes in parentheses in this example: (blog) Make sure that when you're entering in your company's subdomain that you aren't writing in .com or .ai or anything similar to that.

In addition, your subdomain can not contain '/'. The subdomain is used across all Landing Pages.

Setting Up a Custom Domain

Setting up a conversational landing page to appear on your own domain is as easy as the click of a button. Simply navigate to this page, scroll down to conversational landing pages, select "Use a custom domain" and then "Set Up a Custom Domain Name."

From here, you will be greeted by a playbook.

Simply give us all of the information we ask for, we'll take care of the set up, and we will reach out to you when your domain is ready to go for use with your landing pages!

How to Set Up Your Conversational Landing Page

First, go to the Playbooks Marketplace and hit "New Playbook" and then "Chat Playbook".

Here you will be given the option to create a new playbook, or you can feel free to edit your Conversational Landing Page from one of your existing playbooks.

Once you have a playbook created, you'll be able to select the "Landing Pages" from the builder.

You'll have the ability to edit a couple of things from here:

Basic Customization

You'll be able to change the slug for the custom URL for your landing page here. If you click on the pencil button you'll be able to pick something specific for this particular landing page. 
In order to edit the subdomain you will need to go to your Driftbot settings and click on "Conversational Landing Pages"

Look and Feel

All changes in this section will be at the individual playbook level!

Background Gradient: you can either select two colors to make into a gradient for the background of your Conversational Landing Page, or you can click "Try a random gradient" to have Drift generate one for you!

Branding: there will be three options to select from with branding in the top left corner of your Conversational Landing Page

  • My logo - this will directly pull from the Company Logo in your Drift settings here
  • Custom logo - you can choose to upload a logo of your choice. We will automatically resize it for you
  • Company name - this will directly pull from the Company Name in your Drift settings here


We offer the ability to track page view data through Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel Tracking. 

You can connect your Google Analytics account here, and your Facebook Pixel here.

If you have your Google Analytics connected to Drift already it should automatically work for your Conversational Landing Page.

At this time, Facebook tracking is for Conversational Landing Pages only.

Once you add text (URL Path) after the URL, you'll be all set to test out your new Conversational Landing Page. Click on the URL provided, and you'll be able to see your entire bot flow there!

Want to know even more?

Check out this video from the makers of this feature.


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