Sending Conversation Transcripts

Finished a conversation and want to send the transcript to the customer you were chatting with?

Drift allows you to send a transcript of your conversations directly through the conversations interface!

The Send Chat Transcript  will send a transcript of your conversation to the email of the user you are chatting with.

The Send Chat Transcript will only appear if the email of the user is known (an email cannot be sent if the user is anonymous)
⚠️  Chat transcripts can only be sent from the conversation view to the email of the user chatting, or the email of someone who has a seat on the account. This change was implemented recently for security reasons. 

Send Individual Conversation Transcripts

Enter your Conversations page and select the conversation you would like to work with. On the top of this page there is a small gear settings button. Click this button.

Select Send Chat Transcript

From the drop down menu that appear, select Send Chat Transcript.


If this option is not available, the user you are chatting with may not be known


Select Who Will Receive the Transcript

When you click Send Chat Transcript, a window will take over your screen. In the text field it will default to the email of the person you are having a conversation with.

To send it to someone on your team click the downward facing arrow on the far right of the text field or type someone's name.




Once you enter who you want to send the transcript to, click Send Transcript! A green banner should appear on the top of your page confirming that the transcript was sent automatically!


Send Bot Conversations

Users also have the option to go in and export any conversation had through a playbook! Follow the steps below to do this:


We are taking the interaction between the site visitor and the bot - if a human jumps into the conversation that information will not be exported.

1 .Find your playbook in the playbooks tab.


2. Then click on the playbook's name to open the dashboard.


3. Navigate to the "People" Tab within the playbook's dashboard

4. Finally, click the "Send me an email with all Bot Conversations"

Send Conversation Metrics

Tired of going through every conversation transcript? Try checking out our conversation reporting! You can access this by scrolling down on the Drift home page or through the Drift conversation view.

Changing the timeline will also dynamically change the metrics so your export is accurate. Here are the options for filtering the reports.
When you are ready to export a specific graph, go ahead and find the Export CSV button above it!


If you run into any trouble or have any questions, let us know. We’re here to help!

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