Conversation Status and Deletion

This is a question we get frequently from our customers!

In short, Drift does not allow conversations to be deleted. This is because Drift doesn't want to lose any activity with your contacts and/or leads. Instead of deleting conversations, Drift utilizes Conversation Statuses to help organize your chats.

In this doc we will go over each Conversation Status and how to best utilize them.

Conversation Status

All inboxes in Drift come with four conversation statuses - open, pending, closed, all.

To change the status of a conversation:

  1.  Select the conversation.
  2.  Open the drop down arrow next to the current status.
  3. Select the new status that you would like to apply to the conversation.

All conversation updates will be reflected in your chat. Here's an example:

What Each Status Means


These are your active, ongoing chats. Keep your conversation view here to declutter your chats and to make sure you don't miss any messages. If you close out a chat and your site visitor chats back in, this will re-open the conversation again. 

At Drift, we also utilize the sort feature (oldest-newest) so that we don't miss anyone's message:

Note: In order for routing to happen, conversations must be set to Open.


So, here's what you can do for those conversations that you would otherwise want to delete! When Closed, the conversation will essentially be archived.

To close multiple conversations at the same time or bulk-close, check the box next to Conversation Status and click "Close selected" when prompted. Note: you can close up to 25 conversations at one time.

Here's what it will look like:


At Drift, we utilize this space for conversations where we need extra time to answer their questions. For example, if we're waiting on a specific team mate to jump into a conversation but they're in a meeting ... status Pending ✅

This helps us stay organized with our Open conversations, but will not Close an unfinished conversation - we never want to leave our customers hanging! Make sure to close the conversation once completed to de-clutter your inbox. 


The "All" status is just that - all conversations. They're organized newest (top) to oldest (bottom) by default.


If I close conversations at the goal level, do I also need to close the entire flow at the bottom?

No. If you've set up your Goal to auto-close conversation, you do not have to set your bot to close the conversation again. If your site visitor responds and re-opens the chat, this conversation is now a live chat and will need to be manually closed. 

How do I see my previous conversations?

Assuming that you've closed your past conversations, you can find them by switching your conversation view to Closed status. (Scroll up if you need a reminder on how to do this 😎) This will help you reference any questions, customers, and conversations you had.

How does this affect my Salesforce/HubSpot integration? 

Many of our integrations such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier are built to sync upon conversation-close. This is so that your CRM gets all the information collected from your chat! If you're not seeing your most recent conversation or contact in your CRM account, make sure that the conversation was closed (and that you captured their email). 


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