The Complete Guide to Booking Meetings with Drift

We're guessing you want to book demos. Lots of them. 

There are many ways to do this. We try to provide as many avenues to your leads, prospects, and customers as possible for booking meetings with Drift. Here's the full list:

  1. Directly from your Drift profile
  2. Within a Chat Playbook calendar drop
  3. Via an Email Signature Playbook
  4. Dropping Calendar right into a conversation
  5. Bot skills: Team Availability and Abandoned Scheduling
  6. Sharing a direct scheduling link.
  7. Through our API (documentation)

In this article: we will go over the essential setup in just 3 steps!

1. Follow the Connect your Calendar Guide

Drift integrates with your personal calendar, with support for Google and Outlook. The integration will automatically check your busy time slots and make sure that meetings never get double-booked for you.

When you've successfully connected your Calendar, the connected email should appear in My Calendar Settings like the following:

Before moving on to Step 2, make sure that you're happy with your Meeting Types. You can create different types of meeting, differentiating in Location, Duration, etc.

Meeting types that aren't your default type need to be manually linked/dropped in conversations!


2. Go and Create your Profile

Any of your Sales reps who are going to be booking meetings need to build their Profile so that people know who they're booking a meeting with! Here's my profile, highlighted with the most important things to add before booking meetings:

and the corresponding setup within my Profile Settings Page:

Then, further down on the same Profile page, here are the crucial details concerning booking meetings:

Woohoo! Finally we can get to the action.

You've now already accomplished creating one way for people to book meetings with you. Whenever you share your profile link, leads can now book meetings by clicking a single CTA button and giving you their email.

The completed scheduled meeting view after they select a time slot:

However, there are all the other ways to book meetings with even less friction. If you are on Standard plan and above, continue reading, and let's go over them:

3. "Dropping" your Calendar

This can be done within chat conversations, email signaturesplaybook routing, or by your bot!

Integrating your calendar (and the Profile) is available on all plans. Manual Calendar Drop is on standard and above, and Calendar Automation (using playbooks or the bot) is on Pro and above. 

Chat Calendar Drop

  • Within Chat, you can drop your own or a teammate's calendar after live chatting with them and gauging whether the lead is a good fit for a demo. All teammates whose calendars are integrated should automatically populate the dropdown shown in the following GIF:

Dropping a Calendar as a Drift Teammate:

Receiving a Calendar Drop as a Lead:


Email Signatures

  • Email Signatures are configured through a playbook, which you can create by following this Guide to Drift Signatures. Once completed, your emails will look like this:

The 1) Book a Meeting link will redirect customers to 

The 2) Insert Calendar Button will allow you to 


  • Insert Default Meeting Availability 

  • Customize Meeting Availability Before Insertion:


Drop Calendar based on Playbook Routing

  • Playbook Routing is created within the Visual Builder, and you can discover the options for lead routing rules in this Guide to Chat Playbooks Routing. Make sure your Booked Meeting goal includes the following:


The Follow Up

Once somebody books a time to meet with you, both you and the lead/prospector/customer will see the event on your calendars. Additionally, you can send personalized reminders to leads! Scroll down to "Details About Meeting Reminders" for more info 👌🏻

Learn more about how the calendar integration works based on your plan here

Example of an email a lead might see after booking:


Bring your meetings to the next level:

Check these advanced settings to make sure you and your prospect are on the same page about logistics:

  • Meeting Name: This is what will display as the meeting name in the Drift chat widget when somebody is scheduling the meeting. Additionally, it is what the name of the calendar invite will be
  • Duration: This is how long the calendar invites will be set for. At the moment, you can only have one meeting length
  • Location: You might want to put a link to your video conferencing software here or leave your phone number. Use this as a way to explain to the person booking a meeting how you plan to connect
  • Description: This is the description that will show up in the calendar invite
  • Management: A brand new feature of Drift meetings that gives your prospect control over their schedule and takes meeting management work off your plate. Guests can click these links to reschedule or cancel this meeting.

Here is an example of what would happen when the cancel link is clicked on! 


  • Your timezone: This is the timezone you operate in and how you want meetings booked
  • Your Availability: This is the window of time that somebody can book meetings with you. This is so that, even though you're available at 3am, nobody can book meetings with you during times you don't want to meet

Advanced Settings

  • Buffer Time: This is the amount of time that must be empty on your calendar in order for a next meeting to be booked to make sure that you have time in case calls run late. For example, if your buffer time is 15 minutes, that means if you have a meeting from 2:00 - 2:30, the next available meeting that somebody can book on your calendar will be 2:45.
  • Minimum Notice Time: This is the minimum amount of time that it needs to be from now (the moment somebody is trying to book you) before somebody can book a next meeting with you. For example, if your minimum notice time is 30 minutes and it's currently 2:53pm, the next available slot will be for 3:30pm so that somebody doesn't book you at 3pm and you have time to prepare for the call.


Details about Meeting Reminders

You have the ability to customize the meeting reminders that guests will receive!

Navigate to Settings > My Settings > My Meetings > Calendar Settings Tab

You can choose to...

  • Send an email X minutes after a meeting is booked written in your own words
  • Send an email X minutes before a meeting takes place written in your own words
  • Turn off either or both of these email reminders 

Learn more about the Drift Sales Assistant here


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