Routing in Playbook Goals

Within our bot playbooks, one of the options within the goal is to route the conversation. There are specifically five different ways to route them, and we will cover what each one entails and their functionalities below.

If everyone on your team is offline, then there will be nobody routed in unless there is a calendar drop within the goal.


To a single person

  • This does not acknowledge agent status. Whoever is selected will always be routed regardless of whether they're away or available on Drift.

Using existing lead routing rules

  • This will waterfall through all the lead routing rules you have set up in your account--or just use the Default Routing Rule if that's the only one you have.
  • If nobody is available in the first lead routing rule it'll move down to the following one and so on and so forth until it finds an available agent in one of the rules.
  • If you have an empty rule in the waterfall it won't route at all, so make sure you don't!

Round robin within a group

  • This type of routing will take a group of users (of your choosing) and randomly select one user, taking into account whether or not they are available.
  • If all the agents in the group are away, no one will be routed into the conversation.

To Drift account owner (dynamic)

  • This will automatically route the conversation to the person who is set as the account owner within Drift and will change based on the account that chats in
  • This type of routing does not take into account agent status
  • You can see who owns a given account in the Drift account view here.

Round robin within a team

  • This works the same way as "Round robin within a group" does, except you have to select a particular team.
  • Your teams can be set up here.

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