What's New In Your Status Options

What’s New In Your Status Options

We've talked to dozens of you and have simplified your status options to match the way you work. If you're using our routing rules, it will be easier to understand how conversations are routed to your teammates.

All new accounts as of July 19th, 2017 use these new status options. If you haven't been updated and would like the new status options described here, you can update yourself by  going to your Settings > Lead Routing page and clicking the Update button at the top.

Status Options

Before your options were:

  • On-Call
  • Available
  • Do Not Disturb

Now the options are:

  • Active
  • Away

If you use lead routing, you’ll only be automatically added to conversations when you’re “Active”.  
You won’t be added to any conversations when you’re “Away”. That’s it!

If you previously set yourself to "Do Not Disturb" over the weekend, now leave yourself as "Active" and silence your notifications using the new  toggle shown below.

Booking meetings through LeadBot? Make sure to be "Active" so  we route to you and send your calendar.


You can now easily silence all your notifications with this new toggle:

On-Call Alternative

If you’ve previously used the On-Call status, for example:

  • You have team members on chat duty shifts
  • You have team members who only have access to view their own conversations

You can accomplish the same thing by doing the following:

  • Add team members to the new Catch-All routing rule found in your Settings / Lead Routing page
  • Tell your team members to set themselves to Active when they’re ready take chats. Anyone who is Active in the Catch-All routing rule will be added to conversation by round-robin. Anyone who is Away won’t be added to conversations.

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