How to connect your calendar to Drift Meetings

One of my favorite Drift features is the option to book meetings automatically through our calendar drop! Let’s talk about how to get that up and running when you are first invited to join Drift.

First Step

After you have successfully created your Drift account, it’s time to personalize your settings, including your calendar. 

Navigate to Settings > My Settings > My Meetings 

Making the Connection

You can connect to either Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar. Select whichever works best for you! When prompted, be sure to sign into your email and allow all permissions.


Personalized Settings

From here, you can personalize meeting settings. Click on the “Edit” button from the drop down to modify your Default Meeting Type used in calendar drops from chat and your Drift Profile.

You can also create a new meeting type with a link that can be shared through email. Other meeting types are often created to offer different meeting durations. Ex. 30 minute demo vs. 60 minute demo 

Setting #1: Meeting Details

How will you actually get in touch with leads who book time with you? How long will the meeting be?

Be sure to leave details under the “Location” field, as this tells the end user how to get in touch with you, whether it’s your phone number, a zoom link, or another form of connection.

These fields will sync directly with the appropriate fields on the calendar event. 


Setting #2: Rescheduling

Navigate back to the "My Meetings" tab and click on the "Calendar Settings" tab to continue set up! 

If you would like to allow others to reschedule or cancel meetings they have booked through your calendar drop, toggle this setting on.

Setting #3: Availability

Under your "Calendar Settings" tab, you can set your availability for meetings. Be sure to change the timezone setting so it matches your location. You can select what type of days you are available (weekdays, weekends, everyday, etc) and times to go along with those days.

If there are two or more conditions for your availability (ex. 9am to 5pm on weekdays, but only 10am to 2pm on weekends) feel free to click “Add Time Slot”

Setting #4: Time Buffer Settings

These settings are very helpful in keeping your calendar manageable and stress free! Buffer time allows for time in between meetings to recharge, and minimum notice time gives you the chance to prepare before meetings and avoid surprises.

Setting #5: Meeting Reminders 

You can choose to...

  • Send an email X minutes after a meeting is booked written in own words
  • Send an email X minutes before a meeting takes place written in your own words
  • Turn off either or both of these email reminders
Still have questions about meeting types? See "The Complete Guide to Booking Meetings with Drift" 

Your Contact's View:

This is what the end user will see from their end when scheduling a meeting!

Once they have selected a meeting time, they will receive this message and an email confirmation automatically. You will also receive an email confirmation with the contact’s details, and the meeting will appear on your calendar.



When Calendars Are Used

The Calendar drop can be used in a variety of ways, including on your Drift Profile, Drop in Live Chat, and Automatic Drop from Playbooks. Learn more about these options here!

You’re All Set!

You are now ready to start booking meetings! If you’d like to see a video version of this walkthrough, click here! If any questions arise, please chat in and let us know!

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