Bulk Enroll Leads from Salesforce and Drift


Enrolling Leads in Drift Sequences

You can enroll contacts into an email sequence in both Drift and Salesforce so you can target all of your company’s known leads. Keep reading for a step-by-step visual walkthrough.


Enroll Leads in Drift:

You can enroll your contacts into a sequence directly from the contacts view in your Drift account! Good news is, it’s pretty easy. Here's the quick overview: 

  1. Heading to your contacts view in your account
  2. Choosing the users you want to enroll in your sequence
  3. Clicking “Enroll in Sequence”
  4. Choosing which Sequence playbook you’d like to enroll your users in.
  5. Finish enrolling in the Sequence (possibly after customizing)!


Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts View


Step 2: Choose the contacts you want to enroll in a sequence

In this example one contact is selected, but you can use the "select page" button  and/or use "filters" to select more.


Step 3: Click to Enroll them in the Sequence


Step 4:  Find the sequence you want to enroll the contact(s) into

From there.... 


Step 5A: Personalize the sequence for your enrolled contact(s)

Among the useful things you can personalize are:

  • Subject Line copy
  • Content copy
  • Send time 


Step 5B: Send off! from within the Personalization view (below) or directly from the Sequence list (see Step 4).


You can enroll leads in a sequence individually by:

  1. Heading to your contacts view in your account
  2. Clicking on the contact record of a user you want to include in a sequence
  3. Clicking “Enroll in Sequence”
  4. Choosing which sequence Playbook you’d like to enroll your lead in!


Enroll Leads in Salesforce

Enrolling leads in Salesforce is an easy way to keep all of your processes in one place, if you’d rather enroll leads in sequences outside of Drift. The process is just as simple as enrolling leads in a sequence in Drift!

  • In your salesforce account, choose a list of leads you’d like to enroll in your sequence
  • From your list, you can choose who to send your sequences to and click “Enroll in Sequence”
  • Not seeing the “Enroll in sequence” button?  Here's some troubleshooting  to help you get back on track.
  • Choose which email sequence you’d like to enroll your leads in
  • If you’ve enrolled new leads in a contact, you’ll get a confirmation message once you choose which OR you’ll receive an error message if some of your leads are already enrolled in a sequence. 


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