BubbleIQ Zendesk App

Bubble IQ released a new app in the Drift app store! The app will connect your Zendesk account to your Drift account, allowing you to create Zendesk tickets with one simple command in Drift.

Make sure you have permission to add apps in your Zendesk account. Otherwise, this integration won't connect!


Here's how to set it up: 

    From there, you'll press the connect button and authorize the app

You will be brought to a to a BubbleIQ landing page where you can submit your Zendesk Subdomain

    Thats it! You did it 🎉

How To use In Drift: 

When a user chats in regarding a support issue, you can now use the command /zendesk to open a ticket directly into Zendesk! 

The ticket link will show up as an internal note, only you and your team will see the link. You can choose to share it with the customer or not! 


The ticket will open in Zendesk with the full transcript attached as well

If you want to learn more about how BubbleIQ built on the Drift Developer platform, check out their blog posts here and here!

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