Available and Away Status

If you're getting a high amount of chat volume or you rotate agents who are responsible for talking to visitors and customers on Drift, this feature's for you.


From any page in Drift, you can now click on your avatar in the bottom left corner of the page to set your status.



Here are the status types and what they mean:


  • You will get the normal notifications that you have turned on in your notification settings.
  • No new conversations will be assigned to you unless you are the account owner of a contact or if your company is using the Catch All rule


  • If you use lead routing, you’ll only be automatically added to conversations when you’re “Active”. You won’t be added to any conversations when you’re “Away”. That’s it!


Where to change your agent status: 


Click your avatar on the bottom of the lefthand sidebar to set yourself to away or active!




Online and Inactive Status: 


Once you have closed your Drift mobile app AND web app it will take Drift 15 minutes for your account to display your last active time (see examples below). If you check back on either one of the Drift platforms, you will be marked as active again and the 15 minutes will reset.  



When you are online, the light next to your name will be green. When you log off of all your Drift accounts, the writing below your name will turn gray and indicate how long you have been offline. 


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