Track Drift conversion with AdWords


Importing the goals associated to Drift events (Chat started, Meeting booked, Email capture) into AdWords will allow you to keep track of Drift chat conversions and evaluate the performance of your paid advertising strategy.

Once you have set up your goals in Google Analytics, you can import this goals to Adwords. You can do this by creating a new conversion action.  If you have any questions on your Google Analytics integration or on creating Goals check this Help Doc.

Make sure your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts are linked. Also, that you have enabled your data sharing in Google Analytics at least with other Google products. 


1. Go to the right of the site and click the gear, under measurement click on conversions 


2.  Click the blue plus button and select the conversion you want to track, in this case you need to choose import.



3.  Select Google Analytics from the Import list and click continue.  



4. Select the goals you want to import and click continue 

You will get a list of all the goals that are set up within your Google analytics account that you can import into AdWords. Select all the goals you want to import and click import and continue. 

Importing this goals into AdWords will allows you to keep track of how many chats were started, how many emails have been capture and how many meetings have been booked trough your paid advertising. 


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