Advanced Sequence Sending Options

Use advanced sending options to use email threading, smart sending, and weekday only sending!


Using Advanced Sending Options

1. Head to your Email Playbooks tab, and choose the sequence you would like to edit.

2. Head to the "Advanced Options" section

3. Toggle on the options you want to use! 

  • Smart Sending: Drift has defined 4 windows of times that are best for sending emails. Using Smart Sending we randomly pick one of these windows and then using a uniform distribution, pick a time within that window to send. These times use the recipient's timezone if we have that information. If not we use your timezone! 
  • Avoid Weekends and holidays: Drift will not send any emails to your prospects on Federal Holidays (like Christmas!) or weekends (Saturday and Sunday). 
  • Unenroll contacts on reply: Drift will automatically unenroll those who respond to your email sequence, so that they do not continue to get a sequence once they are engaged. 
  • Unenroll same domain contacts on reply: Similar to "Unenroll contacts on reply," this setting will ensure everyone else with the same email domain is unenrolled in order to ensure one point of contact. You must have GMail and have it connected to track replies. 

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