Adding Properties to your Synced ABM Lists

When you are syncing over your account lists using the ABM playbook, you can now add properties to your account lists to keep more information about your prospects in Drift! 

​We are working on making these properties available to use in your Playbooks and apply to routing rules, but we don't have that possibility right now. Chat us to let us know how you are hoping to use this feature!

Here's how to set it up: 

You can choose to create a Property associated with your account, or add a property that you've already created previously:

If you are creating a property, the first thing you'll want to do is choose what type of property you are adding to the list:

After choosing the property you are trying to add to the user, you can fill in your property label. This will be the title of the property:

Next, you'll be taken back to the Account's information, and you can add your new property to the account:

Your new property will show up on the Account's description!

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