Driftbot (How routing works)

It’s our goal at Drift to make sure you have everything you need to have 1 on 1 conversations at scale.

…Which is why we built the Driftbot (which you can turn on here).

What’s cool about the Driftbot is that you can change the avatar and it’s name to fit your own brand. For us, we used our Drift logo and called it…well…Driftbot!

What does the Driftbot do, you ask? Well, here’s what you need to know…

Greeting your visitors & capturing their email

When an anonymous visitor comes to your website and writes in a message containing any of the following…

“hi”, “hello”, “testing”, “hi there”, “hello there”, “yo”, “hey”, “hey guys”, “hi guys”

The Driftbot will chime in and say “Would you like to talk to sales, support, or anyone?”

At that point, the visitor can respond with a message containing any of those words, and the bot will accept it and route it to one of the people you choose to be a part of those teams on this page.

In addition, the Driftbot will ask the person for their email address in case the conversation gets connected. It will say “Ok, let me get someone for you. What is your email in case we get disconnected?” to which the visitor can respond with any message containing their email address and it will be logged.

Then, as any kind chatbot would, it will respond and say “Great, thanks!”

Setting expectations if you're slow to respond

If, at this point, 5 minutes have passed and nobody on your team has responded to the visitor, the Driftbot will chime in again and say: “So we’re a little backed up right now – sorry it’s taking so long to get back to you. We’ll follow up in a bit at {their email address if they gave it}.”

Suggesting help docs from your knowledge base

If you've setup one of our knowledge base / help doc integrations, the Driftbot will do it's best to send along some useful articles when somebody write in.

If a new conversation is started and it contains a bunch of keywords from the help docs you have in your knowledge base, the Driftbot will respond right away and provide links to those docs.

Here's an example of how it'd work:

Things to know: 

  • Driftbot currently only works in English
  • If your chat widget is in offline mode, the Driftbot will not jump into any new conversations
  • If somebody joins a conversation they were having with you when you are online, but you're offline now, the bot will jump into the conversation and say "Hey! YOUR_COMPANY_NAME is away right now. We’ll follow up as soon as we can. We’ll send you a message at THEIR@EMAIL.COM"

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