Email Follow Up (for unread chat messages)

Sometimes when somebody is talking to you via chat on your site or in your app, they leave. They have things to do, which is totally fine.

We’ve built email fallback so that after 15 minutes, if the end user hasn’t seen your most recent message in 15 minutes, the entire conversation is emailed to the customer.

We’ll also give you a heads up that the conversation was sent via email, like this:

If the user replies directly to the email, it will also get posted as a response to the conversation in the chat sidebar on your website. They can also, at any time, go back to your website or app and continue the conversation. If you then respond and they’re not there to receive the message via chat, it will get sent to them via email again.

You can enable this by configuring your chat settings here.

This is a paid feature available in the starter plan and above.

Not using Drift yet? Get your free account here.

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