Knowledge Base and Help Doc Integrations

To match the way that people buy today, most businesses have some type of knowledge base or collection of help docs.

But let's face it -- even with a help doc for every possible question someone could ask, people will still always contact support.

That's where Drift's intelligent messaging comes in.

Now, when someone writes in via chat on your website (or inside of your app), our bot will help surface links to the questions you have already answered:

That way, you can let Driftbot take all of the questions that you already have the answers to -- and save your brain power for the bigger questions people will ask.

Here's Matt with more on how you can use Drift to automatically give customers the help they need:

We currently integrate with the following knowledge bases:

  • HelpScout (Click here to turn this integration on)
  • Helpjuice (Click here to turn this integration on)
  • Helpdocs (Click here to turn this integration on)
  • Zendesk (Click here to turn this integration on)
  • Wordpress (Click here to turn this integration on - make sure to click "Connect" and sign in with your Wordpress account)
If you are using a self-hosted Wordpress account, you must first install Jetpack for this integration to work. Also, this integration only searches through your "Posts" in Wordpress, so if all of your help docs are hosted in "Pages" or another content-type, they unfortunately won't be returned by the Driftbot for the time being.

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