Getting Started

Tips for agents and admins to get started on Drift.

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  • Drift Quick Start Guide DRIFT QUICK START GUIDE START HERE Step-by-step video tutorials for My Settings & Administrator Settings. Each individual Drift user will b
  • Playbooks Quick Start Getting Started with Playbooks 1. Explore Playbooks functionality & brainstorm 3 necessary questions to qualify a prospect 2. Check out our
  • Ultimate Guide to Email Playbooks At Drift, we have the best way to turn your emails into engaging conversations that close leads faster. This doc is the ultimate resource f
  • Testing Your Email Playbook Before you send out an automated or one-time email, you might want to make sure everything is aligned before you send it out! We have allow
  • Custom Email Buttons You can now insert a Call-to-Action button in your email playbooks! These buttons will be clicked-tracked and customizable. Let's Get Start
  • Contact View and Sidebar Tab The Contact's page of your Drift account is where you will find all your customers information. You are able to locate the dynamic segment,
  • Setting Up Email Sending Domains (DKIM) This feature is only available to one of our paid plans. In order to make sure that your chat transcripts and various emails don't get mark
  • CRM Layout If you have clicked over to the Contacts section, you will notice there is a new layout to the CRM. Not much has changed in functionality,
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