Why Isn't My Playbook Showing?

Setting up your first Playbook can be exciting and super fun! Conversational marketing is so much easier to do when you can talk to the right people, at the right time on your site.

We wanted to put a list of troubleshooting techniques you can use to make sure your Playbook runs the way you'd expect it to. 

I set up my Playbook but it's not firing!

Make sure you've selected an Audience to target the Playbook to, as well as set any Display targeting conditions you want to use for this Playbook! You can find these sections under "Targeting" in your Playbook editing interface:

I want my Playbook to show on multiple pages on my site, but not all of them.

You can do this by adding multiple URL conditions to your Display Targeting in your Playbook!

Oh no! My Playbook showed when my team was offline. I only want my Playbook to show when Drift is online.

There's a Display when condition for that!

I am setting up targeting with UTM parameters and can't get my Playbook to fire!

In your "Targeting" section, where you are setting up your "Display" settings. Use the "URL" condition of "URL Query Param"

I set my Playbook to show "Always" but when I click out of the Playbook, I dont see it again!

When you set your Playbook to "Deliver on every page load" this means that when you "X" out of your Playbook, you'll have to reload the page in order to see the Playbook be delivered again.

I set up my Playbook and everything looks great, but when I go onto my site I'm not delivered the Playbook!

Has your company blocked its own IP? This is done by some companies so they dont see their own employees in Live View. If you need to unblock your company's IP, just let us know and we can do this for you!

I set my Playbook to show once a session but more than 30 minutes have passed and I haven't been delivered the Playbook again!

There are some actions that the user can take that would restart the session. Those actions can be anything from clicking around your website, to opening and closing the widget. A failsafe way to restart your session is to open an incognito window and try out your Playbook that way.

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