Multiple Conversations for One Person

When customers and leads are visiting your site, they are naturally going to navigate around your site while you are talking to them. When this happens, the end user might happen across a page that has a Playbook or Bot on it. 

When this happens, the end user will be shown the Playbook or the Bot before they are shown the conversation they were previously having with you. 

So what happens? 

The user will have two chats open in your conversations view. 

Why does this happen? 

If you are identifying users through our Javascript SDK, you have the option to identify your users via their email OR through a unique user ID. 

If you are identifying users with their own user ID, that ID will not correspond to a an email. So that means you can either identify your users through a string of numbers and letters OR you can identify your users through their email address. 

So if you are identifying users through user IDs, the backend system wont understand that the person has given you their email that associates itself with that ID. That is why the person has opened up two separate conversations, because you're identify users outside their email address. 

This ONLY happens if you're using the Javascript SDK and identifying users with user IDs and not emails. 

So to recap: 

  1. You use our javascript SDK to identify and track users using user IDs and not emails
  2. A user comes to your site, give you their email and has a conversation with you while they navigate around your site
  3. They come to a page that has a Playbook on it and interact with the Playbook
  4. Two separate conversations with be created for that user because you are identifying users based on an ID that doesn't recognize that there is also a common email associated with that user.

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