Types of Messaging Playbooks

This doc should help you figure out which Playbook best fits your targeted messaging needs! Pictured below is our Playbooks home, which you can find here in your Drift app. 



If you click on the green button in the top right corner, you will be given an option to either create an email or chat playbook. For our intents and purposes, we will focus strictly on the chat playbooks here.


Playbooks (aside from the Welcome Message Playbook) are only for paid plans. If you want to see which ones you have under your current plan, you can check out our pricing page. 

Welcome Message Playbook - all plans

Online Playbook

This playbook can be used to greet site visitors when Drift is online. If the playbook is turned off, then the messaging will not pop up from the chat widget.

Offline Playbook

This playbook can be used to inform site visitors that your team is currently away when Drift is offline.

LeadBot Playbooks - Pro Plan and Up

Have More Qualified Conversations via LeadBot

Using the LeadBot, your team can ask all sorts of qualifying questions you'd like to your site visitors.

You can then use routing rules to make sure the right people are added to the right conversations, so your sales team can handle inquiries and close deals, while your support team can make sure they're helping out your customers!


Book a Qualified Meeting Via LeadBot

We think that the largest value you can bring to your company is allowing your sales team to be able to have quality leads dropped right into their laps, rather than trying to find the metaphoric needle in a haystack.

This playbook has be ability to qualify leads and schedule meetings with no human interruption!


Standard Playbooks - All Paid Plans

Have Sales Conversations On Your Pricing Page

This Playbook is great to use if you want to engage your visitors in a conversation directly during business hours.

While similar to a Welcome Message, this Playbook can actually be placed anywhere on your site to engage your visitors from a specific page!

This Playbook can send an automated message when your site visitors reach a certain goal, which can be a good tool for setting expectations on response time, demo requests, etc.


Drive Traffic with a Targeted Message On Your Homepage

This Playbook is super useful when you are trying to direct your site visitors to a specific page on your site!

It takes the form of a slider message, which comes directly from the chat widget and can be targeted to specific users for onboarding tips or for sales promotions and everything in between.


Run a Promotion with a Full Screen Takeover

This Playbook is great for grabbing your site visitors' attention! A full screen message pops up when people land on your site.

You’ve probably seen something like this on all different kinds of sites and using CTA (call to action) buttons you can then direct traffic to your pricing page or a page that shows the product/service you are promoting.


Build a Blog Subscriber List

This Playbook is great for capturing emails from your site visitors!

If you’re looking to add the emails of site visitors to your CRM this is a great way to gather those emails. This way you will have a list of users you know have been on your site or have shown interest in your product/service, and can now target these site visitors with other playbooks or marketing campaigns.


Account Based Marketing (ABM) Playbooks


Greet Outbound Prospects You Emailed

The Chrome Extension is free to use by anyone. However, if you'd like to fully customize this Playbook, you must be on the Pro plan or above.

Sending an email to prospects is something reps do all the time. But getting to talk with those prospects in a personalized way is not something that can be done with conventional outbound prospecting--until now! If you add a link to your email and send your email with the Drift Chrome extension, your prospects will be greeted with a personalized message when they click the link and come onto your site.


Greet your Targeted Accounts

This Playbook requires a Company or Enterprise plan with Clearbit add on. 

If you've spent any time as an outbound sales rep, you know that prospecting accounts can be both really tricky and really rewarding when you finally close the deal. Just tracking the clicks on your emails can be frustrating when all you want to do is reach out to them and chat, or ask if they have any questions, or let them know you are there to answer anything.

With this Playbook, when a prospect lands on your marketing site, the Account Owner will immediately be notified, and a personalized message will be sent to the prospect from the Account Owner.

What Playbooks Look Like

Email Capture



Full screen take-over

Welcome message


Managing Your Playbooks

We understand that being able to keep track of your Playbooks is important, since these are messages your site visitors are going to see and interact with. When you're in your Playbook home, you will be able to search for specific playbooks as well as filter through your Chat Playbooks by "Active" or "Archived".



Edit Your Playbook

In order to edit, archive, clone, or delete your playbook all you need to do is hover your mouse over the playbook name, then click the gear icon on the right to choose your action.



Playbook Reports

If you click on the Playbook title, you will be brought to the Playbook report. Here you will be able to see the breakdown of how many times the playbook was sent, the conversations that resulted, how many times the goals were reached--and then ultimately how many meetings were booked.




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