Where to Find Custom Attributes in your Drift Account

When you are using our HTTP API or Javascript SDK,  you can map custom attributes that your company is interested in tracking for each of your contacts. This can be anything from a user ID to the total campaigns they've interacted with on your site to their role within their company. 

Once you've started mapping these attributes, chances are you want to be able to see them in the Drift interface. 

Here is how to find them: 

  • Go to your contacts page. On the top of the page you will see the "Settings" option. Click on this to be brought to the contacts settings page. 

The page you land on will show you all of the attributes that come standard with your Drift account. You will see the attribute name, what type of attribute it is (string, boolean, datetime, etc.), a preview of the attribute (what the actual content of the attribute will look like), and then lastly you will have the option to "show in conversation." Show in conversation will show this attribute and its contents in conversation view 

To view all of the custom attributes that you and your fellow Drift users have added to your account, simply click over to the Custom Attributes tab and you will see the same layout as the Drift Attributes page. 

This is what an attribute that you select to view in the conversation view looks like:

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