What Your Conversation View Looks Like Based On Your Plan


This is the information that we populate for you based month plan you are on.

Free and Standard

Drift accounts on the Free and Standard Plans will see where the site visitor is located based on their IP Address. 

When provided with an email, we will use Clearbit to enrich and gather any additional information on the visitor.  

If the Clearbit Enrichment works using the provided email, we'll also fill out some of the cards in the Conversation Sidebar. 

Any other information will have to be added manually. 




On these plans, Clearbit will populate enriched data for you, automatically!


We will only populate information that Clearbit has. So, not every email will be able to populate this information.




Company and Enterprise


As a Company or Enterprise user, Clearbit will be able to populate even more information:



In addition, the right hand side of your chat window will display:




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