What is the Difference Between the Welcome Message and Playbooks?

With so many exciting updates in Drift, sometimes it can be confusing to keep up with which feature does what. This doc can help you make sense of all the different options you have to talk to your site visitors in the most effective way possible! 


Welcome Message 

  • Welcome message settings are in your app under the "Gear" icon on the lefthand sidebar.


  • Playbook settings are in each individual Playbook you create.

What are the Targeting conditions used for?

Welcome Message:

You can set up Audience and Display conditions for your welcome message just like with a Playbook.

  • However! The targeting conditions set for your welcome message apply to Drift on your entire website.
  • If you only want the welcome message to show on specific pages on your site, then those are the only pages where the Drift icon will show, for that specific audience.


  • Each Playbook has their own Targeting conditions that you can set within the editing interface for each Playbook. There are two different kinds of targeting you can set up: Audience and Display.
  • Setting Audience targeting will show your playbook to a certain segment of users.
  • Setting Display targeting will show your Playbook on certain pages of your site, or at a certain time a user has been on the page, and much more!

What is the function of this feature? 

Welcome Message: 

  • The welcome message is the default message that shows on your site! So if you do not have any Playbooks running on a certain page, the welcome message is what will show.


  • Playbooks are targeted messages placed around your site to a specific audience, at a specific time in order to prompt them to reach a certain goal.
  • Whether that goal is to click a CTA, start a conversation, or schedule a meeting, Playbooks should be used to have your site visitors reach a certain outcome.

How do I choose whose face shows in the message?

Welcome Message:

  • The welcome message faces works in a different way than the Playbooks.
  • You can also make your welcome message come from one person using the “Helping Team Member” function in the Welcome Message Settings.


  • When you are creating a Playbook that does not contain a bot, you can choose to send the Playbook “From” a member of your team!
  • This setting will show in the Message copy editing section of the Playbook interface. Playbooks can only be sent from one member of your team.

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