What is an Active Contact?

If you've visited our pricing page, you may have noticed that we charge accounts based on the amount of "active contacts" they have in their account. But what is an active contact? 

Well, an active contacts is:

  1. A person who has visited your site and given you their email
  2. You have updated their information sometime in the past 90 days.
  • --An update could happen through a chat conversation
  • --A CSV upload
  • --An integration
  • --You manually updating something in their Drift contact record.

    Once that person's information has not been updated after 90 days, they will not count towards your contact limit.

    What Constitutes as an Update to a Contact? 

    An update to a contact can be from many things: 

    • You mapped an attribute to them in Salesforce, Hubspot, or Marketo that was picked up from a Playbook
    • You are passing in contact information via the Javascript SDK or HTTP API. This information can come from your team's CRM (like Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, etc). If you are passing information into Drift based on workflows you're doing outside of Drift, your contact will count as updated, even if they haven't technically been active on your site.
    • You manually update a contact record based on information you've gathered in a conversation.
    • That user books a meeting with a member of your team
    • That user comes onto your site, or logs into your app. If they go to a webpage where Drift is installed, we will update the contact property "last_active" .

      We do not bill on conversations, the same person can come into your Drift chat 1,000 times and chat with you and we will not bill based on that! But if 1,000 people come into your Drift chat and those 1,000 people give you their email addresses, they will count as active contacts for 90 days, until you do not update their information. 

      If a visitor comes to your Drift chat and does not give you their email, they will not count towards your contact count. 

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