The Welcome Message Playbook vs The Default Greeting

Each new Drift account comes equipped with two Welcome Message Playbooks, which are defaulted to ‘off’ until you choose to turn them on. What this means is that the playbook will not fire/appear on your site until you choose to toggle it on. The Welcome Message Playbooks consist of the Online version and the Offline version.

The Welcome Message Playbook is not the Default Greeting, these two features are different! The Welcome Message will proactively fire when a site visitor lands on your website, while the Default Greeting will reactively show if someone clicks on your widget. 

These Welcome Message Playbooks function similarly to how all the other playbooks work. When the playbook is toggled on, the welcome message will proactively pop up when someone visits your site. You can personalize your site's online and offline hours here. Once there you can toggle the Drift Widget online/offline status to automatic, which will enable you to customize your hours.

With Welcome Message Playbooks comes the ability to personalize who the message is sent from, which is a feature unique to this particular playbook. You can choose to send the message from any of your account’s users.

Now for the Default Greeting! If you do not want anything to proactively pop up when site visitors come to your site, than you will have to turn off both the online and offline Welcome Message Playbooks; however, even if you have your Welcome Message Playbooks toggled off and no other active playbooks, users will be greeted by the widget at the bottom right of your page, which looks like this:

When site visitors click on the widget they will be greeted by the Default Message, which can be edited here. Like the Welcome Message Playbooks, there are also online and offline Default Messages.  This is what the Default Message will look like to site visitors:

The widget icon can be turned off here. Playbooks, like the online and offline Welcome Message, do not need the widget icon to be toggled on in order to fire; however, the Default Greeting Message can only be accessed through the chat widget icon. 

Things to Note:

  • The Welcome Message Playbooks (both online and offline) will always be the lowest priority in all of your playbooks, so any other Bot or standard playbooks created will be ranked higher. Learn more about playbook prioritization here.
  • You will have the ability to select the display conditions for the playbooks in editing mode.
Please note that you cannot change the display conditions of Welcome Message Playbooks on free accounts!
  • When you choose to have "Random Teammate" as the sender, it will only pull from the list of online users. There will only be up to 3 online users displayed at one time.
  • The Default Greeting is on by default, and cannot be turned on or off. It is there to make sure chats don't fall through the cracks, and you don't lose any leads!

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