The Welcome Message Playbook

Every account in Drift will be equipped with two Welcome Message Playbooks when they first get started. These two playbooks will default to 'off', and you will have the Online version as well as the Offline version.

The two playbooks will function similarly to how all playbooks do, and to get the bubble to pop up on your site you will need to turn it on. If you don't want anything to pop up then the playbooks will both need to be off--when users click on the widget they will instead be given an option to start a new conversation.

Things to Note:

  • The Welcome Message Playbooks (both online and offline) will always be the lowest priority in all your playbooks, so any other LeadBot or standard playbooks created will be ranked higher.
  • You will have the ability to select the display conditions for the playbooks under Targeting>Display.

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