Troubleshooting Notifications

Why won't my notifications work?

Firstly, if you're looking for a more basic explanation of the different types of notifications that Drift offers, check out this help doc!

Notifications are an essential part of having real-time communications with leads. This document serves as a troubleshooting doc if you think your notifications aren't working as they should!

Let's start with the basics.

First, are your notifications snoozed in-app? Check the little blue icon you see when you click your avatar.

Next, check the troubleshooting warnings we have in-app, for example: 

Second, let's do a test. 

Click the "Send Test" button in your notifications settings. By doing this, we can tell if it's an issue with the notification on our side or if you're not receiving notifications due to the way you've configured Drift.

Lastly, make sure to configure which notifications you want to see. This guide will help with that. 

Troubleshooting: Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications, also known as Browser notifications, will display successfully with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. 

Be sure check your browsers pop-up and ad-blocker content settings. If your content settings are blocking Drift, you won't get any notifications.

Browser notifications will appear at all times regardless of whether Drift is open in a browser and running in the background. This setting can be toggled off at any time in your settings.

Make sure to check your advanced notification settings to see if the "keep displaying desktop notifications even when Drift is not open in a web browser" is checked.

Lastly, are you actively logged into on your computer and have moved your mouse or typed something in the last 20 seconds? We won't send notifications if we consider you actively looking at Drift.

Keep in mind: These Device-specific settings can block our Desktop Notifications.
Mac Users: Please make sure "Do Not Disturb" is not active in your Systems Preferences/Notifications.
Windows Users: Please make sure "Focus Assist Mode" is not active in the Windows Action Center.

Troubleshooting: Email Notifications

Keep in mind that Email Notifications, when enabled, will send every 15 minutes, and contain bundled conversation information. Our email notifications are intended to keep you up to date on conversations without overloading your inbox. 

If you're not seeing email notifications, please check if Drift's emails are landing in your spam/junk filters. 

We can also send you Drift Morning Reports on team stats and Drift's performance as well as alert you when integrations are connected and disconnected. These can be toggled in your settings. 

Our system automatically stops sending email notifications to accounts where emails bounce so we don't wind up in future spam folders. If you've exhausted all reasons as to why you might not be getting emails from Drift anymore, let us know and we can take a look.

Troubleshooting: Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile Push Notifications come from Drift's Mobile App on Android or IOS devices. 

Make sure you're logged in properly to your Mobile App to receive Mobile Push Notifications.

Lastly, if you have the Drift app actively open on your mobile device, we will not send notifications as we assume you're already looking at it!

Keep in mind: These notifications need to be configured both in Drift on your desktop as well as in the Mobile App. 

Still not seeing notifications? 

Feel free to reach out to your friendly neighborhood Customer Advocate team and we'd be happy to help out. 

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