Testing Your Email Playbook

Before you send out an automated or one-time email, you might want to make sure everything is aligned before you send it out! You can send yourself a test email for an email Playbook.


Our "Send an Email" Playbooks are available on our Standard Plan and above!
In the Compose your Email section of the Playbook editor, you can send yourself a "Test Email" so you can see what it's you want your leads and customers to see. It sends a direct copy of the email that will be sent to your Audience. This email is sent to the email address with which you're logged in.


This is what the email will look like in your inbox:
You'll notice at the bottom of your email there will be an unsubscribe link that isn't in the Preview area of the email editor, and a "Email Powered by Drift" link. The Drift branding can be turned off in settings here. Sales Sequences Playbooks don't include an unsubscribe link because those are sent via your connected Gmail account.

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