Test Your Playbook

The visual builder is a wonderful tool to help you map out your playbook, but when all is said and done, what matters the most is how it looks to your site visitors.

This document will cover the simple steps of using a #DriftLink to test your playbooks without them being live on your site! We also have a video!

First, build your playbook!

  1. Log into Drift and navigate to your Playbooks tab within the app
  2. Click the green "New Playbook" button on the top right corner, then choose "Chat" to go to the Marketplace
  3. Find your playbook type and hit the green "Create Playbook" on the top right corner of the page
  4. Customize the playbook's messages, questions, CTAs, etc..

Still working on this part? Check out some really good examples from our customers :) https://www.reallygoodchatbots.com/

Next, set the Targeting

Once you are ready to test your playbook, find the Targeting section and, you guessed it, the #DriftLink tab

Make sure to turn on the "Only fire when #DriftLink is present" toggle first, then hit the Status toggle as well

Test Your Playbook

Now that your playbook is ready to be tested, open an incognito/private browser window, and head over to the site you installed Drift on.

Simply add your #DriftLink to the end of the URL - for example www.drift.com/#test

Watch the Video!

Testing using an incognito/private browser window is important because Drift uses cookies. The private browser will stop the use of cookies and allow for email capture questions to function properly.

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