Playbook Targeting By Team

On our Company and Enterprise plans, users have the option to target Playbooks by Teams. This feature is helpful in cases where you may want to specify which Playbook should fire depending on which of your teams are online or offline. 

In this doc we will cover how to set up Playbook targeting by Teams. 

If you're still in the process of building your Leadbot playbook, check out our Overview of Building Playbooks

Step 1: Create Your Teams

You can create your different teams in your Teams Settings page (settings > team settings > teams). 

Find step by step instructions on creating teams and setting team hours here.

Step 2: Set up Playbook Targeting

Navigate to the Playbook's Display Conditions by clicking Playbooks then Edit next to the playbook name. This is where you can set up any and all targeting rules for your Playbooks.
To add a new condition, click Display with Targeting then Add Condition.
Add a team availability condition by clicking Drift under Choose your targeting: and selecting Team in the dropdown. You can click the + button to add multiple teams that may satisfy this condition. This means that your Playbook will show when any of the teams on the list are online. To separate Playbooks by team, you will need to create a separate playbook for each team. 
And that's it! Save your condition and save the playbook changes as well. 
Here's what it looks like all together: 
You can target your Playbooks by a variety of different options like website behavior, URL, and more! Read more about the different display conditions here.

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