Playbook Targeting By Team

One use for Drift Teams is to specify which playbooks you want to show when a certain team is online or offline.

In addition to playbook targeting, remember you may also need to adjust your widget targeting for full team availability effect

Step 1: Set up Team hours

Learn how to set up your teams here.

This is only a feature on Company and Enterprise plans at the moment. On another plan? Talk to us!

Step 2: Set up Playbook Targeting

First, navigate to the playbook's targeting you want to edit by clicking Playbooks then Edit next to the playbook name. In the playbook editor, go to Display Conditions.
To add a new condition, click Display with Targeting then Add Condition.
Add a team availability condition by clicking Drift under Choose your targeting: and selecting Team in the dropdown. You can click the + button to add multiple teams that may satisfy this condition. If you do, your playbook will appear when all of the teams in the list are online.

You'll need to create separate playbooks for each team, if you'd like them to specifically respect each teams' hours.

And that's it! Save your condition and save the playbook changes as well. If you'd like more help with the rest of the bot playbook builder, click here.
In addition to team availability options, there are many other display conditions you can use based on URL, site behavior. etc. Check those out here.
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